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HUAWEI LUNA2000-2.0MWH-1H0 Smart String ESS Battery

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Huawei FusionSolar LUNA2000-2.0MWH-1H0 / Battery Storage buy at HYTECH

Why you should choose a LUNA2000-2.0MWH-1H0 now.
battery storage from Huawei now.

More energy, optimal investment, easy O&M, and safe and reliable promise 20% reduced LCOS (Levelized Cost of Storage). With the Huawei LUNA2000-2.0MWH-1H0 installed in a 20" container, Huawei introduces the optimal large-scale storage solution for the C&I and utility scale sector.

With a capacity of 2.0 MWh, the Huawei LUNA2000-2.0MWH-1H0 battery storage system sets new standards with a charging and discharging capacity of up to 2 MW. The Huawei LUNA2000-2.0MWH-1H0 can be expanded by capacity at any time. The charging and discharging capacity can be adjusted according to your needs. With the Smart PCS battery inverter as an AC coupled system, you have the right solution for all applications.


Huawei FusionSolar LUNA2000-2.0MWH-1H0 Battery Storage Comparison

Huawei FusionSolar LUNA2000-2.0MWH-1H0 Battery in Test


More energy

Increases discharge energy by 15%
Optimisation at pack and rack level
Optimum air cooling

Safe & Reliable

Modular design
AI for predictive maintenance
Supplied in standardised 20″ container

Optimal investment

System and PCS availability > 99.9 %
Initial configuration reduced by 30 %
Battery expansion support

Simple O&M

Save ~235k€/100 MWh/year*
No periodic balancing required
No need for expert maintenance



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