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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions - Hytech

All orders placed on the www.hytech.ro website will be confirmed by phone by an operator after checking the available stock.

The prices and availability of the products sold by HYTECH may undergo further changes, this being influenced by external factors such as the price policy of the distributors or the availability of the products in their stock. The moment of concluding the distance contract is the moment of confirmation of the order and implicitly of the stock and the sale price. Confirmation of the order and implicitly of the stock and the sale price, is made only after its processing by the HYTECH representatives.

The terms and conditions include and are considered together with the following subgroups:

  • Privacy policy
  • Order and delivery

SC HYTECH ENTERPRISE SRL is a Romanian company, with 100% Romanian capital, with registered office in IASI, Iasi, Office: Str Octav Bancila 3, Iasi, Iasi, registered at the Trade Registry under no. J22/854/2021, having the unique RO registration code 43882350 .

  1. Access to the site

Your access to the www.hytech.ro site is subject to the Terms and Conditions and implies your acceptance of them, representing an agreement between the parties. Violation of these Terms and Conditions is a criminal offence. HYTECH ENTERPRISE SRL reserves the right to demand legal compensation from those who have violated these rules.

The information provided on this site is free. All Internet users have access to them.

  1. Copyright

The content (images, texts, web graphic elements, scripts and other data present on this site) may not be reproduced, modified, transferred, published, displayed, transmitted or recorded without the prior written consent of HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL. This is the property of HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL and its suppliers and is protected by copyright law. The use without the consent of the HYTECH ENTERPRISESR company of any of the elements listed above is punishable according to the laws in force.

III. Personal information

Users must enter true, accurate and complete data about them. In case of providing information that is not in accordance with reality, inaccurate or incomplete, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account. HYTECH ENTERPRISES will use the information entered in the order form in its own interest. These data will not be made public. Users have the right to modify the information entered when placing the order. But if it is found that the entered data is not in accordance with reality, inaccurate or incomplete, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account.

By uploading, posting or transmitting information through or to our website, users grant HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL the right to use or distribute this information.

Users are responsible for all actions resulting from accessing their account and using their personal password. HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL cannot be held responsible for errors caused by the user's negligence regarding the security and confidentiality of his account and password.

  1. Security of personal data

Customer data may be used by HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL to confirm orders, inform by e-mail or other means of communication about subsequent actions, etc.

The personal data of the users may be transmitted to the legal authorities for the purpose of verifying commercial transactions or for carrying out any checks justified by law.

The data provided by the clients are strictly confidential. HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL undertakes not to provide these data to third parties or companies and to use them strictly for the use of the business relationship between the client and HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL.

On the security side, HYTECH ENTERPRISESR has also implemented an SSL security certificate, to ensure the confidentiality of the transmitted data and to demonstrate the authenticity of the website www.hytech.ro .

HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL undertakes to respect the rights of users conferred by law no. 677/2001 supplemented by law no. 506/2004 , and upon the written request sent to the address in Str. Octav Bancila 3, Iasi, Iasi, the following is required:

  • to rectify, update, block, delete or transform into anonymous data, free of charge, data whose processing does not comply with the provisions of law no. 677/2001 regarding the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and their free circulation.
  • to stop processing users' personal data.

HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL certifies that it will respect the rights conferred by:

HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL through the ROMCARD SA platform guarantees the security of IT systems.

Bank card data (card number, expiration date, etc.) are not transferred or stored on HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL servers.

In the case of the 3D Secure system for payment with Visa or MasterCard cards, the data related to the card are entered directly into the Visa or MasterCard systems, and if the card was issued by a bank certified in the 3D Secure system, the transaction is authorized only after the client's authentication in this system.


  1. Hytech website

The website www.hytech.ro is an online store made available to customers by HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL.

  1. Price

The prices on the website include VAT (19%).

Prices are updated daily. The value of the invoice will be the one from the moment of its confirmation by one of our operators.

ARE YOU COMING. Payment methods

Payment can be made:

  • Cash or by card via POS, for orders that are picked up from the headquarters of HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL, in BUCURESTI, Str garii no 77, Lunca Cetatuii, Iasi
  • By OP (payment order) or bank transfer based on the proforma invoice issued by HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL. The proforma invoice will be issued at the time of placing the order and can be found in the confirmation email or in the Hytech account. The products will be delivered after confirming the payment by e-mail to office @b2b-hytech.ro , attaching a copy of the OP.
  • Refund, to the agent of the courier company, at the time of receiving the products.
  • Online with credit/debit card.

HYTECH ENTERPRISES accepts the following credit/debit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard/Eurocard, Maestro.

VIII. Order delivery and product availability

The delivery term for products purchased from the www.hytech.ro website is 24, maximum 48 hours from the moment of order confirmation. In certain situations, HYTECH ENTERPRISES reserves the right to extend the delivery term, but only with the customer's consent. In the absence of agreement, the order is cancelled.

If the customer cannot be contacted on the date and time set for delivery, the ordered products will be reserved for 3 working days, during which time an attempt will be made to contact the customer again to finalize the delivery. If the customer cannot be contacted even within this time frame, the order will be cancelled.

  • Immediately : If all products are in HYTECH stock. The delivery can be made at the HYTECH headquarters or by express courier (the order will reach its destination the next day).
  • In the specific time frame, displayed, of each product : The products are available in the supplier's stock.
  • In the time interval agreed with you.

Delivery with verification

  • the products that benefit from this facility are televisions and monitors
  • the option is mentioned on the waybill (AWB) of the parcel
  • the recipient has the obligation to request the verification of the parcel together with the agent of the courier company
  • the agent of the courier company has the obligation to assist in the verification of the package
  • if the package has visible traces of hitting, destruction, etc., it is refused
  • any complaint arising after the delivery of parcels with this option is not taken into account

Orders paid by Payment Order are delivered only after the amount is entered in the HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL account.

For orders sent by fast courier with delivery on the following working days, including Saturdays, after the first 3 delivery attempts, the package is picked up from the courier company's headquarters.

  • Sufficient store stock / Limited store stock - The product is in the store's physical stock and can be purchased and delivered in approximately 24 hours. Stock reservations are made after sending the order. The stock is updated in real time.
  • In warehouse stock - The product is available in external warehouses or in suppliers' stock and not in the store's stock. It can be delivered after sending the order, in a maximum of 30 days. Stock is updated at least once a day.
  • It is not in stock - The product is not available and there is no precise information regarding the delivery time. You have the possibility to set the stock alert by pressing the "Set stock alert" button, the moment the product becomes available you will receive an email that will automatically announce the change in availability.
  • Ask about stock - Please contact us to find out the availability or delivery time of this product.
  • Available to order - The product will be available within the specified period, after sending the order and within the limit of available stock. Payment is made in full in advance.

The delivery interval is between 1 and 30 days from the moment of order confirmation.

  1. Product warranty

All products are accompanied by a warranty certificate and do not affect the rights conferred by government ordinance no. 130/2000 , with subsequent amendments and additions,law no. 449/2003 republished and emergency ordinance no. 174/2008 .

The products sold on the website www.hytech.ro benefit from a guarantee in accordance with the legal provisions in Romania. In order to benefit from the warranty offered for photovoltaic products or systems, they must be installed only by authorized companies. The warranty does not cover installation defects.

The laws that regulate the product warranty are:

Law no. 193 of 2000 regarding abusive clauses in contracts concluded between traders and consumers;

Law no. 296 of 2004, regarding the Consumer Code, amended by Law no. 161 of 2010;

Law no. 161 of 2010 for the amendment of Law no. 296 of 2004 and Law no. 193 of 2000 regarding abusive clauses in contracts concluded between merchants and consumers.

Warranty of conformity. It covers the legal protection of the consumer regarding the lack of conformity of the product and obliges the seller to bring the product to the state of conformity, without requesting any additional costs. This aspect can be achieved by returning the price paid, repairing, replacing the product if it does not correspond to the mentioned specifications.

The warranty of conformity does not cover technical defects, it is for 2 years (except for products whose average duration of use is less than 2 years, in this case the 2-year term will be reduced to the average duration of use.)

The non-conformity must not be proven by the consumer in the first 6 months (it is considered to have existed at the time of the purchase of the product), subsequently, for the period of up to 2 years, the lack of conformity must be proven.

Commercial guarantee. It represents the commitment to the consumer, without requesting additional costs, for repair, replacement, or, when these are not possible, for the refund of the price paid.

Legal guarantee. It is granted on the basis of the Guarantee Certificate issued on the basis of the commercial guarantee. In the certificate you will find the identification elements of the product, the warranty period, the average duration of use, the specialized service units.

To receive a product in service, you need the completed and stamped warranty certificate, purchase invoice and proof of payment.

In addition to the Warranty Certificate, the buyer will also receive the purchase invoice, the installation and use manual of the product, the technical specifications and the certificate of conformity.

The remediation terms for products under warranty are as follows:

maximum 15 calendar days in the case of natural persons;

maximum 25 working days in the case of legal entities.

Delays may occur during these terms, but the remedial period will only be extended with the written consent of the buyer.

Warranty exclusions:

Re-palletized panels that are not delivered in the original packaging from the manufacturer are excluded from the transport guarantee

the products on which unauthorized interventions were carried out;

installation, assembly, commissioning and use in improper conditions and negligence in use,

products with physical defects caused by mechanical / electrical / thermal shocks (breaks, scratches, cracks, burns, deformations, etc.);

oxidation, penetration of liquids or foreign bodies into the products;

damage or destruction of labels, seals, manufacturing series;

modifying or completing the data in the warranty certificate. Any change made must be accompanied by a signature and stamp.

  1. Limitation of liability

HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL does not assume responsibility for possible damages resulting from the use of information on this site.

HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL does not assume responsibility for the proper functioning of external sources of content to which references are made, being in no way involved in their management.

HYTECH ENTERPRISES reserves the right to block access through this site to those Internet domains that may have illegal or harmful content.

HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL does not assume any responsibility in the event that:

  • the information will not meet all your requirements;
  • the site cannot be accessed by users for an indefinite period of time;
  • the quality of any products, services, information or other materials purchased or obtained by you through the site will not satisfy all requirements.

HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special damages, including, but not limited to, damages for loss of profit, goodwill, usability, data or other intangible or immeasurable losses (even if HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL was previously informed of the possibility of such losses), resulting from:

  • the use or impossibility of using the site's information;
  • unauthorized access to, or damage to, transmissions or user data;
  • statements or actions of any third party on the site's services;
  • any other problem related to the site's services.

HYTECH ENTERPRISES reserves the right to cancel an order if the product price or some product characteristics have been entered incorrectly in the database, or displayed incorrectly, the delivery has not yet been made.

All promotions are valid while stocks last.

Product information is provided for informational purposes only. These correspond to the reality at the time of their introduction within the website and HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL is not responsible for any omissions, mistakes or changes that may have occurred.

  1. Content update

HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL reserves the right to modify and update the content of this website at any time without prior notice.

XII. disputes

Any dispute arising in connection with the use of this site will be resolved amicably.
In the event that the conflict was not resolved amicably, the competence rests with the Romanian courts.

The customer confirms that he has read and accepted these terms and conditions. The use of the site by the customer implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions.