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The HYTECH mission

We are HYTECH | Energy for generations

HYTECH is an authorized Huawei partner. From Romania, we provide installers with smart solar products from Huawei quickly and on time. As an authorized Huawei partner, we offer solar solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and utility-scale applications.
Our principles are service, competence and honesty. We support our partners and customers in sales, logistics, training, certification and with technical support for all Huawei Solar products in Romania. We provide knowledge - from experts to experts. Our HYTECH Academy makes every participant a competent contact, from planning to installation of our solutions.
Our behavior is crucial to our success. We are moving forward together in the transition from fossil energy consumption to solar energy generation.
Energy for generations
Our mission statement articulates and clarifies our shared mission, vision and principles. Our mission is our mandate. It is the purpose of our entrepreneurial actions and our strategic orientation. We declare our intention to have a positive impact on people and the environment through our corporate commitment. Our principles describe how we implement our mission and pursue our vision. They are our image.