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Privacy policy

Privacy policy - Hytech

Privacy policy

Your access to this site is subject to the Privacy Policy and implies your acceptance of it, representing an agreement between the parties.

HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL undertakes to use the data provided by the website users only for the purpose of establishing a contractual relationship with them and for the transmission of information regarding the operation of the website and the existence of offers, promotions or new product entries.

HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL does not promote SPAM and does not provide your e-mail address to third parties.

HYTECH ENTERPRISES will respect the rights conferred by law no. 677/2001 supplemented by law no. 506/2004 regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

HYTECH ENTERPRISES uses users' IP addresses only for internal statistics, displaying personalized information and for increased site security.

HYTECH ENTERPRISES reserves the right to modify and update the content of this website at any time without prior notice.

The confidentiality of the data transmitted through the hytech.ro website is ensured by an SSL certificate with double validation:

  • web domain validation
  • economic entity validation

Operator data:

HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL, based in Iasi, Iasi , work point Str Garii no 77, Lunca Cetatuii, Iasi , is a personal data operator and is subject to the legal provisions in force, at national and European level, regarding data protection with personal character.

Categories of processed data:

The data provided by you when creating the user account and when placing an order on this site are used exclusively for concluding the contract with you and for processing the order.

The data processed are: name, surname, delivery address, e-mail and telephone number, and if they are not provided, Hytech EnterpriseSRL cannot sell and deliver the products ordered by you.

Basis of processing:

The basis for the processing and processing of personal data is the consent and fulfillment of the contractual obligation assumed by Hytech EnterpriseSRL towards you. For marketing purposes, personal data will be processed exclusively on the basis of consent , which can be withdrawn at any time.

We inform you that your data will not be used by Hytech EnterpriseSRL to create a profile, but the cookie modules are used to provide retargeting/remarketing services by our proxy and these services are provided under strict confidentiality conditions.

Data recipients:

The recipients of your data are: Hytech EnterpriseSRL, agents of Hytech EnterpriseSRL (such as - fast courier companies with which we have collaboration and confidentiality agreements), order collection agencies, as well as other companies with which we are in partnership - for example, the authorized services for the repair of the products you order from our website.

We commit to you that any of our collaborators process data respecting their confidentiality, and with the guarantee that this data is kept safe and that the provision of this personal information is done in accordance with the legislation in force. Mainly, the collaborators who will enter the data are as follows: courier service providers, payment/banking service providers, product service, etc.

The providers of marketing services, telemarketing or other such services come into contact only with your email address or cookie modules.

Commitments of Hytech EnterpriseSRL:

We commit to you not to transfer your data outside the European Union. Your data is secure and is not transferred to third parties except for the processing of orders – delivery and/or return of the product (e.g. to the courier company). The confidentiality of the data transmitted through the hytech.ro website is ensured by an SSL certificate with double validation: web domain validation; economic entity validation. HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL uses users' IP addresses only for internal statistics, displaying personalized information and for increased site security.

However, your data may be transferred or disclosed if we are expressly requested by criminal investigation bodies, courts or any other institutions authorized by law.

The rights of the natural person in relation to his data:

We inform you that you, as a natural person concerned, have the right to request the following from the operator:

  • Access to your data
  • Rectification of your data
  • Deleting your data;
  • Restriction of processing;
  • The right to object at any time to the processing of your data;
  • The right to data portability.
  • The right to withdraw consent, without affecting the legality of the processing until the moment of its withdrawal;
  • The right not to be subject to an individual decision.

  1. Cookie module policy

General information about cookies:

This policy refers to the cookies and web pages operated by Hytech EnterpriseSRL, work point Iasi, Iasi, work point Str Garii no 77, Lunca Cetatuii, Iasi.

The cookie is a small file, which will be stored on your computer, smart phone, tablet or other equipment from which you access the Internet (device). The cookie is completely "passive" (it does not contain software programs, viruses or spyware and cannot access the information on the user's hard drive).

Cookies do not require personal data to be used and users cannot be identified. This data is encrypted and makes it impossible for unauthorized persons to access it.

In general, an application used to access web pages allows cookies to be saved on the device you use to browse the internet by default. These settings can be changed so that the automatic administration of Cookies is blocked by the web browser or the user is informed each time Cookies are sent to the device. However, limiting the use of Cookies may affect certain functionalities of the web page.

Cookies are not viruses. They are not made up of lines of code and therefore cannot be executed or auto-run.

Why does Hytech Enterprise need cookies?

Hytech EnterpriseSRL uses these cookie modules strictly to be able to present to you the content of the hytech.ro site and other sites belonging to Hytech EnterpriseSRL, adapted to your preferences.

Cookies are necessary for us and the website to be able to offer the most comfortable online shopping services; without cookies we cannot retain the products in the shopping cart, for example.

Last but not least, cookies help us to create anonymous statistical data that help us improve the site, its content and structure.

The types of cookies used by Hytech EnterpriseSRL on its websites are: per session and fixed

A visit to this website may place cookies for the purposes of:

  • Site performance cookies
  • Visitor analysis cookies
  • Registration cookies
  • Cookies for advertising
  • Advertising provider cookies
  1. Newsletter

HYTECH ENTERPRISESRL does not promote SPAM or provide emails regarding future or ongoing promotions except with your express consent.

To subscribe, unsubscribe or manage your newsletter account, you can change your options in the account on the website section my account/account information