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HUAWEI Residential Storage Solutions


Smart String
Energy storage system


10% more usable energy
4-layer safety protection

Easier management

Huawei MOON

Solar energy for you every moment

With the Huawei Smart String energy storage system, you can greatly improve your life and you will be amazed by its admirable performance. Regardless of nights, rainy days or unexpected outages off the grid, solar power is always at your service.

Mode + Optimization,

Always top performance

The built-in optimizer manages each battery module independently. When a certain module is consumed or limited, other modules come into operation generating maximum energy. Usable energy can be increased by more than 10%* over the life cycle.

Without Optimizer


With Optimizer


Just Expand,

No Loss

Individual optimization of each module enables scalable mixed use of old and new battery packs.
Each new battery will take full advantage of its capacity without loss. Your energy available for use can thus be expanded.

4-layer protection

Redefines the safety of energy storage

The safety of energy storage weighs more than anything else. With 4-layer protection from cell level to electrical level, structural level and emergency protection level, HUAWEI redefines energy storage system safety.

Protection at the cellular level

Electrical protection

Structural protection

Emergency protection

Certificate of Authorized Qualifications

The Huawei Smart String Energy Storage System has passed the German VDE AR-E 2510-50 safety certification, which is a recognized safety standard in the residential storage industry, and other certifications including CE, RCM, CEC, IEC62619, IEC 60730 and UN38.3 etc.

Greater stability,

More accuracy

The Huawei Smart String energy storage system includes 16 more stable LFP cells from leading suppliers in each energy pack, which are managed by 8 sensors to significantly improve the accuracy of 4X safety management at the cell level.

8 managed sensor groups

16 cells in real time

4x Improved Management Accuracy*

Covered protection

Internal electrical isolation renders 0 voltage on ports, we've got you covered.

Internal electrical isolation returns 0 voltage across the ports.
Overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperature protection during operation. External short circuit is a never possible case with us.

More endurance, less worry

The high strength and high melting point cabinet with IP66 protection is designed to last longer.
Its high rigidity and formidable structural performance help to install in your home without worry.

High internal protection

The smart fire extinguisher bag built into each battery pack can quickly eliminate safety hazards if they exist within 15 seconds, protecting you as a domestic firefighter.

Simplified management without training

Thanks to individual optimization, if you need new batteries, just plug and play, they're ready to go.
The state of charge of the new batteries will automatically synchronize with the existing batteries after a charge or discharge cycle, thus achieving the simplest management.

Smart Solar

Ahead of the Pack

With our FusionSolar app, you can visually understand your charging, storage and usage status with minimal effort.
Multiple working modes of TOU, maximum self-consumption and full mains power are available. You can choose to prioritize load usage returns, specify peak usage or simply assign them to the sales network.