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Huawei FusionSolar - Residential Solutions

Huawei FusionSolar Residential - Solutions for residential applications
Photovoltaic panels - a sustainable investment for private households

Imagine your household (house) producing enough electricity for the whole family and never having to worry about rising electricity costs or your carbon footprint. With Huawei's FusionSolar Residential smart energy solution, homeowners can reduce their electricity costs and help the environment without having to adjust their lifestyles. The reasons for owning a solar energy system are many and varied.

Photovoltaic panels for the single-family home is also a central topic of ongoing change. With the increase in ecological awareness, the own system for the production of electricity is increasingly moving into the center of attention of private house builders. After installation, the solar panel system produces environmentally friendly electricity with no CO2 emissions. In this way, the ecological balance of the environment can be significantly improved.

First, it greatly reduces costs compared to supplying electricity from the grid. The electricity produced by your own solar panels is significantly cheaper. In addition, they make private households less dependent on energy suppliers and their fluctuating prices. In many countries, there are financial incentives in the form of compensations and subsidies for the purchase and installation of photovoltaic panels.

For both goals, cheap electricity and minimal environmental impact, an efficient installation is the key to success. For this, it is essential to determine the system according to your own needs. In addition, the question arises: when is PV with storage worth it? The battery can store excess electricity produced during the night hours. In order for the efficiency to be at maximum levels, a very good quality inverter is necessary. Professional installation is the safest, therefore, it is indispensable. Meanwhile, only south-facing locations are no longer considered profitable. Moreover, photovoltaic systems on the roofs of houses also generate significant amounts of electricity in the east or west direction.

Huawei Solar integrates the latest digital and internet technology with your rooftop PV system. The system thus offers you optimized photovoltaic energy generation, a built-in plug & play storage interface and intelligent home energy management. Technically, SKE offers a wide range of Huawei storage and inverters that increase system efficiency. The components are robust and, thanks to a warranty of up to ten years, a safe investment in the solar future of the home.

Battery ready?

  • 10 year warranty for Huawei Smart PV battery solutions
  • Extensible and can be adapted at any time
  • 10 year warranty for residential inverters and 25 years for optimizers

More power for less money

  • Maximize the usable roof area
  • Awarded for perfect design iF Industrie Forum Design and Red Dot Design Award

If you want to install a solar energy system, you cannot bypass one key component: the inverter that converts the direct current from the modules into alternating current, which is necessary for the electrical devices in the home. Huawei has a comprehensive range of different inverters that are chosen according to the individual challenges of a project. They are suitable for small systems where the photovoltaic panels are used only for self-consumption, as well as for high-efficiency solar installations.

Inverters impress with their high flexibility. Energy management applications, for example, are available as part of smart solar solutions. With FusionHome, the performance of the rooftop PV system can also be monitored at any time.

Huawei FusionSolar - Solutions for residential applications

The advantage for homeowners - all components from a single source.