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Product warranty


The products sold on the website www.hytech.ro benefit from a guarantee in accordance with the legal provisions in Romania. In order to benefit from the warranty offered for photovoltaic products or systems, they must be installed only by authorized companies. The warranty does not cover installation defects.

The laws that regulate the product warranty are:

Law no. 193 of 2000 regarding abusive clauses in contracts concluded between traders and consumers;

Law no. 296 of 2004, regarding the Consumer Code, amended by Law no. 161 of 2010;

Law no. 161 of 2010 to amend Law no. 296 of 2004 and Law no. 193 of 2000 regarding abusive clauses in contracts concluded between traders and consumers.

Warranty of conformity. It covers the legal protection of the consumer regarding the lack of conformity of the product and obliges the seller to bring the product to the state of conformity, without requesting any additional costs. This aspect can be achieved by returning the price paid, repairing, replacing the product if it does not correspond to the mentioned specifications.

The warranty of conformity does not cover technical defects, it is for 2 years (except for products whose average duration of use is less than 2 years, in this case the 2-year term will be reduced to the average duration of use.)

The non-conformity must not be proven by the consumer in the first 6 months (it is considered to have existed at the time of the purchase of the product), subsequently, for the period of up to 2 years, the lack of conformity must be proven.

Commercial guarantee. It represents the commitment to the consumer, without requesting additional costs, for repair, replacement, or, when these are not possible, for the refund of the price paid.

Legal guarantee. It is granted on the basis of the Certificate of Guarantee issued on the basis of the commercial guarantee. In the certificate you will find the identification elements of the product, the warranty period, the average duration of use, the specialized service units.

To receive a product in service, you need the completed and stamped warranty certificate, purchase invoice and proof of payment.

In addition to the Warranty Certificate, the buyer will also receive the purchase invoice, the installation and use manual of the product, the technical specifications and the certificate of conformity.

The remediation terms for products under warranty are as follows:

maximum 15 calendar days in the case of natural persons;

maximum 25 working days in the case of legal entities.

Delays may occur during these terms, but the remediation period will only be extended with the written consent of the buyer.

Warranty exclusions:

products on which unauthorized interventions were carried out;

installation, assembly, commissioning and use in improper conditions and negligence in use,

products with physical defects caused by mechanical / electrical / thermal shocks (breaks, scratches, cracks, burns, deformations, etc.);

oxidation, penetration of liquids or foreign bodies into the products;

damage or destruction of labels, seals, manufacturing series;

modifying or completing the data in the warranty certificate. Any change made must be accompanied by a signature and stamp.