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How many photovoltaic panels are needed to support a home?

De câte panouri fotovoltaice e nevoie pentru a susține o locuință?

Vlad Sevastru |

Determining the number of photovoltaic panels needed to cover the electricity needs of the home will always depend on several factors.

  1. Electricity consumption:

The first step is to determine how much electricity you use in a year. This can be done by looking at your electricity bills or by using an energy monitoring system.

  1. Power of the panels:

The next step is to determine how much energy each of the PV panels can produce. This can be found on the label on the panel or by consulting a Hytech specialist.

  1. Available space:

You need to have enough space available to install the photovoltaic panels. Take into account the dimensions of the panels and make sure you have enough space on the roof or in other positioning to be able to install them properly.

  1. Getting an estimate:

However, to get an accurate estimate of the number of photovoltaic panels needed, it is recommended to talk to one of our colleagues, a professional in the field. This will help you make an informed decision and ensure you have a system that meets your electricity needs efficiently.

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