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Photovoltaic panel TRINA Vertex S+ N-type 440W Triple Cut 1762×1134×30 mm NEG9R.28

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TECHNICAL SHEET TRINA Vertex S+ N-type 440W Triple Cut 1762x1134x30 mm NEG9R.28

Photovoltaic panel Trina Solar 440W, Vertex S NEG9R.28, monocrystalline, TRIPLE CUT cell with 440W power

Outstanding visual appearance
Vertex S has been designed with aesthetics in mind, with excellent cell color control thanks to a dedicated cell blackening treatment. Its ultra-thin, virtually invisible busbars emphasize the all-black appearance, making this module ideal for residential rooftop systems.
Small in size, big in power

The new class of Vertex S 440W modules is based on the advanced technology of the Vertex platform. It is perfectly designed to meet the specific requirements for roof application. Vertex S generates a power of up to 440 Wp even in limited space, achieving a 22% efficiency of the module with high density cell interconnection. Its multiple busbar technology means better light capture, lower series resistance, improved current collection and increased reliability. Vertex S will give you up to 70 W more power, while the size is comparable to conventional products. In other words: This module will offer the best balance between power, size and weight.
Universal solution for roof applications

Vertex S has been designed for compatibility with existing inverters, optimizers and mounting systems. With perfect dimensions and low weight, it facilitates handling and has been optimized for minimal transport costs. Vertex S offers you flexibility for system implementation.

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