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Ongrid Astris 5K/1P2T2 single-phase inverter

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Explore the Astris series of inverters and the technical specifications that define it together with the corresponding accessories

Essential specifications

  • The Astris series of on-grid inverters presents a new typology, without a transformer, which converts the direct current generated by the solar panels into alternating current that can be used to supply electrical consumers or discharge it into the public electrical network.

  • The inverter's MPPT technology allows it to automatically adapt to the conditions of the photovoltaic system to deliver maximum performance.

  • Astris has a high efficiency, up to 97.8%.

  • PV panel configuration 150% / Output overload 110%; this inverter specification allows a surplus of solar panels that will generate a sufficient amount of energy when the weather conditions are not favorable, in the winter season,

    partial shading at certain times of the day, etc.

  • The M family, Astris is compatible with a variety of solar panels and supports a wide range of input voltages, from 50-490V or 70-540V MPPT improving the power production capacity and providing high output power even in

    unfavorable conditions.

  • The Astris M family benefits from IP66 (resistance to environmental factors) and C5 (corrosion resistance) certifications.

  • The passive cooling feature allows the inverter to be as silent as possible.

  • Astris is suitable in many usage scenarios such as private homes, guesthouses, small factories, small and medium-sized commercial and industrial units, farms and hospitals.

  • Astris is equipped with a complete installation set: technical documentation, accessories, wall mounting frame, connectors, screws.

  • The mobile application finalizes the commissioning process and is used for remote monitoring and diagnostics , as well as firmware updates.

  • The smart meter is a bidirectional meter that optimizes energy consumption by local consumers. It records the load curves, controls the energy flow and can adjust the export to the electrical network.

  • For communication with the inverter there are: Wi-fi, GPRS and 4G. With the help of these connections and a smart device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.), the performance of the inverter can be monitored, as well as the monitoring of the operating parameters through an app.

  • Specifications

    EAN 6422956013165
    PN SIN110030001ATCU0B
    Phases Single phase
    Typology Without transformer
    Maximum efficiency 97.8%
    Compatible batteries No batteries
    Maximum power Input PV 4.5KW
    Maximum PV input voltage 500V
    Nominal PV input voltage 360V
    Maximum input current 15A
    Maximum short-circuit current on input 20A
    PV starting voltage 70V
    MPPT operating voltage 50V-490V
    MPPT number 1
    Maximum number of PV strings 1
    Nominal output voltage 220V / 230V, L+N+PE
    Nominal output power 3KW
    Maximum apparent output power 3.3KVA
    Maximum output current 15A

    DC switch
    Protection against generation in the fallen network
    AC overcurrent
    AC short circuit
    Reversed DC connection
    Voltage shock protection (AC Type III)
    Insulation resistance detection
    Leakage current

    Parallel connection Yes
    IP certification IP65
    Passive ventilation
    LED display + APP
    Noise level <30dB
    Communication protocol Bluetooth, RS485 (CT / Meter)
    External communication modules

    Wi-Fi (included)
    Optional: GPRS, 4G, LAN

    Other features

    Night consumption <1W

    Operating temperature -25°C - 60°C

    Relative humidity 0 - 100%

    Maximum operating altitude 4000 m

    Remote configuration and upgrade


    320 x 344 x 137 mm


    6.1 Kg

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