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Huawei SUN2000-12K-MB0 three-phase hybrid on-grid inverter, 12 kW, 12000 W, battery ready

Huawei SUN2000-12K-MB0 follows the perfection of the small M1 HC series. The new model comes with powers between 12 kW and 25 kW (12, 15, 17, 20 and 25 kW). This new series includes functions with proven effectiveness - a maximum of 98.3% (European efficiency is 97.3%).

Key Features of Huawei SUN2000-12K-MB0:

High capacity and efficiency – This inverter has an output power of 12 kW (12000 W) being suitable for medium to large installations.

Compatibility with Huawei LUNA batteries – The inverter is compatible with Huawei LUNA batteries, which allows you to store solar energy for later use. This is very useful especially at night or on cloudy days.

Advanced MPPT Technology – Features 2 Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT), which means it can maximize power conversion efficiency under different lighting conditions, improving overall PV system performance.

Compatibility with power optimizers – Supports Huawei single and dual power optimizers (SUN2000-450W-P2, SUN2000-600W-P, MERC-1100W-P, MERC-1300W-P), increasing the efficiency of each individual solar panel thus improving performance in shaded conditions or when the panels are dirty.

Monitoring - Monitoring the inverter in the FusionSolar - Huawei application is possible by using a Huawei Smart Meter 3 phase DTSU666-H 100A or Huawei Smart Meter 3 phase DTSU666-H 250A.

Connection – Wlan connection is possible by using a Huawei SDongleA-05 (Wlan Smart Dongle). It is also compatible with a 4G connection via a Huawei SDongleA-03-EU (Smart Dongle 4G).

Warranty and service – The inverter comes with a standard warranty of 10 years and with the option to extend it up to 15 or 20 years, thus demonstrating Huawei's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction

Safe and reliable – SUN2000-12K-MB0 is protected against external influences (protection degree IP66). There is also internal protection against lightning, both on the direct current side and on the alternating current side. We can also list other protections:

Integrated Export Power Manager (EPM)
Protection against electric arc (AFCI)
Built-in protection against type II DC surges, as well as alternating current surges
Convection cooling
DC polarity reversal protection
Short circuit protection
Temperature protection
Network monitoring
String level monitoring
Detection of DC insulation resistance
Integrated PID recovery.

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