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Bastion WF5K LiFePO4 battery

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BASTION Battery module with LiFePO4 cell

Description of the photovoltaic hybrid solution with energy storage



Explore the features of the photovoltaic hybrid solution, which contains the Ascet hybrid inverter associated with Bastion, the LiFePO4 wall battery module.


Battery Module

Destined together

Both units, both the Ascet inverter and the battery module, were designed together by the nJoy team using the same type of design and technical specifications for perfect compatibility. This fact guarantees the improved performance of the installed photovoltaic system.

Due to the reduced volume of the units, they can be mounted together on a wall, in any location, even indoors. The battery module contains Li-ion cells, which do not emit toxic emissions during operation, so specialized ventilation is not necessary. Thanks to the passive cooling implemented on the Ascet single-phase hybrid inverter, the complete solution will work extremely silently, a necessary attribute in residential spaces.

Ascet inverters offer the option of limiting the battery charging current from the mains module. This setting serves to maximize the use of solar energy and reduce electricity consumption costs. This configuration ensures control over the current sent directly to the network, thus ensuring compliance with local legislation.

Essential specifications for the Bastion module

  • It uses Grade A LiFePO4 cells, some of the safest types of battery cells on the market right now.

  • For optimal safety, an optional anti-fire system is available to be added to the Bastion module. It will intervene in the moment before a fire starts, preventing the spread of the flame and material damage, being much more effective than the usual fire prevention methods.

  • Built with advanced technical features, the Bastion battery module features a battery management system (BMS) that offers extra protection to the implementation depending on the operating factors.

  • The estimated lifetime is 6000 cycles at 1C.

  • Bastion WF5K supports the connection of up to 15 units in parallel, being very easy to scale.

Bastion WF5K


Stored Energy 5.12kWh

Capacity Ah 100Ah

Recommended state of charge 10-100%

Usable capacity 4.6kWh

Nominal voltage 51.2V

Operating voltage 44.8V – 57.6V

Maximum charge/discharge current


Integrated BMS system Integrated battery module monitoring system

Scalability (mounting in parallel) maximum 15 modules

Operating cycles 6000 cycles @ 1C condition

Guarantee 50MWh or 5 years (the value that runs out first)

Operating temperature Charging: 0 ~ 45°C, Discharging: -20 ~ 45°C

Storage temperature -20 ~ 45°C

Dimensions (H x W x D) 480x520x165 mm

Net weight 48Kg

Certifications MSDS, UN38.3, CE, IEC62619, CB

IP rating IP54

RS232, RS485, CAN
Communication (Compatible with most branded inverters on the market)

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