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Partner Program

HYTECH and Huawei partnership program for installers

Become a HYTECH partner now and ensure all the benefits immediately!

HYTECH partner program - Being a HYTECH partner means being part of a family at the national level. Within this large family there are many areas of activity and application. In each of these individual parts, the human resource is the most important factor, and education and professional training is an important factor to ensure the success of a company - therefore the benefit for partners is easy to explain.


HYTECH Partnership Program - Terms and Conditions

Section 1: Definitions

  1. HYTECH: Refers to our company, HYTECH Enterprise SRL, specialized in the distribution of photovoltaic equipment, authorized partner of Huawei and Trina Solar.

  2. Gold Partner: Is a partner of our partner program who meets the annual purchase requirements between EUR 100,000 - EUR 199,999.

  3. Platinum Partner: Is a partner of our partner program who meets the requirements of annual purchases of more than 200,000 EUR.

Section 2: Registration and Approval

  1. Eligibility: To become a Gold or Platinum partner, the applicant must be a legal entity, have experience in the PV field and meet ethical and legal standards.

  2. Evaluation Process: HYTECH will evaluate applications based on past performance, financial resources and alignment with our values. Our decisions are final.

Section 3: Financial Requirements

  1. Annual Purchases: Gold partners must make annual purchases of PV equipment worth at least EUR 100,000, while Platinum partners must reach a minimum of EUR 200,000.

Section 4: Benefits and Responsibilities

  1. Gold benefits:

    • Exclusive access to events and offers.
    • Priority support and technical assistance.
    • Inclusion in marketing campaigns.
  2. Platinum benefits:

    • All the benefits of the Gold Partner.
    • Free participation in training events.
    • Additional discounts and personalized offers.
  3. Common Responsibilities:

    • Compliance with quality and ethical standards.
    • Participation in recommended training events and sessions.

Section 5: Term and Termination

  1. Duration of the Partnership: The partnership is valid from 01.01.2024 to 31.12.2024, with the possibility of renewal depending on performance.

  2. Termination: HYTECH reserves the right to terminate the partnership in case of non-compliance with the established terms and conditions.

Section 6: Changes to Terms and Conditions

  1. Changes: HYTECH reserves the right to change these terms and conditions. Any change will be communicated in advance to the partners.