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Huawei FusionSolar Solutions for Industry and Commerce

Optimum yields for your photovoltaic system - use every kilowatt hour.

Which photovoltaic system fits in a commercial setting? The answer is always individual! In principle, each company has a specific charging profile. And here it is important to know how much electricity is needed in a day. SKE supports the planning of your commercial and industrial PV system according to your needs.

Huawei applies digital and Internet technology innovations to commercial PV solutions. The solution makes commercial rooftop PV systems more efficient and smarter. Huawei and SKE help you maximize your return on investment.

This influences, for example, the size of the system and the installed components. It is considered optimal if the proportion of solar energy you use is as high as possible. If necessary, this can be further increased with a Huawei battery. The best way to do this is to seek individual advice from a solar expert.

Rely on high system availability, fast replacement and minimal downtime. Simple operation and maintenance procedures such as digital management and optimization of individual modules allow you to view all important parameters at a glance.

Higher efficiency thanks to 2 modules per MPPT

  • Conventional solutions: The strength of all strings is limited by the weakest
  • Huawei Solution: Each module can independently achieve the best performance to achieve higher yields.

AI for active arc flash protection

  • Accurate arc fault detection by a specific network algorithm.
  • Protection against fast spring failure by shutting down the inverter

PID recovery for increased module performance

  • Case study: Huawei PID recovery function increases energy efficiency by 1.59% within 6 months of use

Huawei FusionSolar solutions for industry and commerce

  • Huawei FusionSolar solutions
  • For industrial and commercial applications.